We wish you a Freewheeling Christmas!

We wish you a Freewheeling Christmas!

Dear All 

Here is my drama email for today. It is the last one before we break up for  Christmas. As we did a lot I may not mention everything but will try and include most of what we did do.  

The visitors did not come till the afternoon, and were former volunteers  Catherine and James; Luke Tye’s brother Pete, and wife Joanne, and baby Madison; Vlad, Mathew James’ helper; Mat, Nick’s helper; Alex, Andrea’s son and Graham Leather. Those not there were Ems.  

We started with Brandon saying we will need to amend the Freewheelers logo later today. Then Soufyan asked if anyone had reviewed the performance of Amandla!, the play about Nelson Mandela last Thursday at Leatherhead Theatre. Someone had – and enjoyed it; the review was read out by Andrea.

Dan saw a show recently; I cannot remember what it was but he enjoyed it. Zena watched The Nomads’ performance of Cinderella last week at the Nomad Theatre; she loved it and came on stage at the end to help with the final song. She also said her Employ Me filming is going well.

Richard is enjoying the Thursday Drama Group. Susan watched her granddaughter last week; she played a snowflake – Sue thought she was wonderful. Pip then said we will be having our fish and chips meal at 12pm and took some money from each of us for it.

Next some pictures were taken for the amended Freewheelers logo; then we had lunch. It was fish and chips followed by cakes. Everyone liked the food and had great fun.

Next was a game of Secret Santa, where each of us had a number – mine was 25. You then choose a present from a sack; if you did not like it you could swap it for somebody else’s if you liked theirs better – this was a laugh. Then some entertainment by some of the members, including myself, with some Christmas jokes and limericks. We finished off by collecting our Christmas cards.    

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.   

May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

Next session in January 2016. 

Andy M.