David Bowie and other performances

David Bowie and other performances

Dear All 

Here  is the normal review of todays session.  As we did a lot I may not mention all we did but I will try and mention most items. The only visitor was a lady who came during the session to give the group some money; I think her name was Terry, and I do not know how much money she gave us. Those not there were Pip and Andrea.   

We started in the morning saying the playwright Frank McCabe will coming on January 25; I said I will be on a skiing holiday on that day. Then Brandon said there is a Freewheelers  Calendar for 2016 and showed the pictures to the group. He also said that David Bowie died yesterday and we may play his song, Space Oddity, later today or next week as we used it in Triumph and the Apollo

Brandon also asked who had been out to any events recently. Richard went to an ice show in Brighton sometime last week, and I told them about Peter Pan at Wimbledon Theatre. I went last night (Sunday) with my mother and a friend called Elizabeth. I passed round the programme for it; I said we quite liked it.

I then showed everyone the Leatherhead Advertiser article on the film Steep Rain, that represented the United Kingdom in the United Nations Conference on Disability Awareness (Enable) in December last year. This article will be kept in the Freewheelers file.

Brandon gave out the latest script for Destiny Betrayed, and we all marked them with our names and characters. I think we then rehearsed the play we read last week on the train crash; I played the station announcer. Then we read though the train crash play from start to finish. 

Next we  had lunch. During the break, Terri arrived and I gave her the scenes to read though the train crash play again. We then read through it but this time with props and the correct movements and actions.  We had to do it several times to get it right.

I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.

Andy M.