Remembering and rehearsing at The Bridge

Remembering and rehearsing at The Bridge

Dear All 

Here is my review of today’s drama. As we did a lot I may not remember all of what we did but will try and mention most items. We had no visitors and everyone was there.   

We started by watching the film of Triumph and The Apollo that we performed a long time ago when we first moved away from Dorincourt, where most of us used to live, as it included the song Space Oddity as a tribute to David Bowie who died last week.

I think we then watched a film Brandon took last weekend when he went to London for a festival of light (called Lumiere London). They had lights all around London; in Regent’s Street there were some Stick Men; in The Strand there was an elephant; and in Carnaby Street a lady walking.  

We then read through a play called The Government Inspector about misunderstanding; it was very funny. Then was lunch.  

In the afternoon we read through Destiny Betrayed from the start to page 44.   

In conclusion I think we did quite well today and I hope the rest will think so too.   

There will be no email from me next week as I am on a skiing holiday to Austria.  

Andy M.