Farce at The Bridge

Farce at The Bridge

Dear All 

Here is my drama email for this week after my skiing holiday to Austria last week – back in one piece!   

The visitors were Cat Loriggio, and Sheree Vickers who was from SAVVY Theatre Company, Sutton; she hopes to work with The Freewheelers in the future on some play or project. Those not there were Ems. 

We started in the morning by talking about last week’s visit by playwright Franklin McCabe. He said he enjoyed Destiny Betrayed, but it needed some improvements on some scenes to make them clearer to the audience.

Richard saw a show in London last week; I think was Jersey Boys – he liked it. Soufyan saw a Whitney Houston Tribute act in Croydon and enjoyed it. Andrea and her step-daughter Emily saw some performances at Sadlers Wells, and loved them all. 

Zena was interviewed (I am not sure by who or when). Jamie saw the Surrey Philharmonic Orchestra in Dorking; he said he enjoyed it.

Then we talked about farce and what it was. We said it was people who are with other people who are not their partners; they are slamming doors and hiding away so they are not found out by their partners! It was usually very fast paced and confusing. Then we read through one; I think it was called Who Was That I Saw You With Last Night – it was very funny. Then we saw a film with some of group in it.

Next was lunch. During the farce the visitors came – they were impressed. 

In the afternoon I went to rehearse Big Laboratory Bang, the QEF Disability Awareness Play. I am playing Professor Alan instead of Nick, who is letting me be in a performance at a school in Surrey on February 10th. Brandon said I did quite well but need to read through the lines so I can hopefully do it without script on the actual day itself. I said I will get help from various staff members at Hemmet during this week. 

Then we met up with the people who read through the farce we did in the morning, but his time we did it with props and actions in groups of five. It went quite well but was very confusing at times. We finished off with a talk by new fundraiser Jenny; she offered two suggestions for us to do in the future: either a play writing workshop by Franklin McCabe, or a dance project with other groups in Surrey.  Jenny then took names for these events.  

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will think so too.