More rehearsing and farce at The Bridge

More rehearsing and farce at The Bridge

Dear All 

In drama today we had no visitors and then only one not there was Ems. 

We started with Brandon saying that we will need to rehearse the QEF Disability Awareness Play, Big Laboratory Bang, later today – as there is a performance of it at a school in Weybridge on February 10th. I am filling in for Nick in this, as Professor Alan. There is also another showing of the same play on Wednesday March 9th, at the Surrey History Centre, for the general public to watch.

Then Soufyan and Mathew James said they both watched a football match: Aston Villa v. Norwich City. It was from Villa Park, Birmingham; I think Aston Villa won, 2:0.  I also saw a match over the weekend: Sutton United v. Bognor Regis Town – the score in this match was 0:0 (in the FA Trophy. The other match that Mathew and Soufyan saw was in the Premiership Division.)  

Richard then said he watched the Dads’ Army film in Horsham over the weekend and quite like it. He is also going on a tour of the BBC tomorrow. 

Zena mentioned her television appearance on Employ Me in the spring; one of the scenes features The Freewheelers.

I think we then talked about what we thought a tragedy was, in drama, or generally. Then the same for comedy.

Next was a warm up with Andrea and Richard, and next was some drama games. These were to help with the farce we are doing later today – I cannot remember the title but I think it may have been, Who Was That I Saw You With Last Night? Then was lunch.  

In the afternoon I went to rehearse Big Laboratory Bang. We then joined the rest to continue the drama games to help the farce.  

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.