Many different plays underway!

Many different plays underway!

Dear All 

Here is my usual review of today’s drama session. We had no visitors and those not there were Andrea, Terri, Sam and Soufyan. I helped Peter (volunteer) bring some items in from his car that were looked at later on.

We started with talking about what we do on Mondays from now on. We said we will now have the morning to rehearse shows and only have news time during lunch time.

We were then told that we have funding for the Destiny Betrayed tour. It will be at Eastbourne College on June 3rd and then other venues and London theatre dates to be confirmed. Then we were told about filming schedules for our Freewheelers productions. This afternoon the tomorrow dance from Destiny Betrayed is being filmed at The Bridge (where drama is every week), and tonight Big Laboratory Bang is also being filmed at The Bridge.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the Nelson Mandela-based play, Amandla!, is being filmed again at The Bridge – this might also go into next week?

Next we said how the Big Laboratory Bang performance went at the school in Weybridge on Wednesday Feb 10th – we said it went well, and the last showing of it is at the History Centre in Woking in March.

Then was a warm up with Brandon, which was fun, followed by rehearsing Destiny Betrayed from the start to the Memories song scene; then was lunch. These rehearsals went quite well, considering we have not performed it for a while.

In the afternoon we split up – some went to film the Tomorrow dance from Destiny Betrayed in the main room; the others went into two groups – some with Jenni to read through the play called The Government Inspector in one room. The rest were in a back room with Susan to rehearse and read through the farce, Who Was That I Saw You With Last Night? It was funny and confusing at the same time. We then performed it to the other group – I think it went quite well as they laughed in all the right places!

Stephen and others had to stay behind today as the Big Laboratory Bang is being filmed, to be shown at a later date.

Last, but not least, I think it went well this week and I hope the rest think so too. 

Andy M.