Preparing for our Destiny!

Preparing for our Destiny!

Dear All 

Here is my drama email for this week. As we did a lot, I may not include everything but will try mention most items. 

The visitors were Sebastian (Brandon’s son) and Anita (new volunteer to help with Destiny Betrayed). Those not there were Sue, Jenni, Jamie and Anthony O’Sullivan.  

We started in the morning with Brandon welcoming Pip back after her holiday to Africa. She said she had a great time and would show us pictures of the trip next week. Zena mentioned she is raising money for Clean Water for Africa.

Brandon then talked about Play in a Week (PIAW) audition day at The Grange in Bookham on Friday March 18th. The actual play, Strictly Shakespeare, is on the week of July 25 to 31, at the Nomad Theatre; he asked who was interested in these events – several members, including myself, said ‘yes’.

We then talked about the tour of Destiny Betrayed starting at Eastbourne on June 3rd. Next we asked when the Easter Break was – it will be the week of March 21st.

I think we then had a warm up, after which was a rehearsal of Destiny Betrayed, from the beginning to a scene with Zena as Sarah’s letter to characters Johnny and Garage. Then was lunch time.  

In the afternoon we continued Destiny Betrayed from where we left off till the finish. We had to do some of the scenes several times to get them correct. We finished off by getting together to tell a group story and said how we thought the day went. We talked about inviting Tom Grey (musician) and Mark Curtis (comedian) back to see how the show is going and help us with it.  

In conclusion I think today went well.  I hope the rest will agree?  

Andy M.