Destiny Betrayed at The Bridge

Destiny Betrayed at The Bridge

Dear All 

Here is my drama email for this week. We did a lot so I may not mention everything but will try and include most items. 

The visitors were various drama volunteers to help out with drama and Destiny Betrayed. Those not there were Ems. 

We started with Brandon saying some volunteers will be coming in later today. Then Soufyan asked about the Destiny Betrayed tour dates, starting with Eastbourne College on June 3rd and further details to be confirmed.

Next we talked about the last two performances of Big Laboratory Bang: the first at a school in Worcester Park, on this Wednesday, March 2nd, and the last one at the History Centre, Weybridge, on March 9th – I am invited to that one. I think we then rehearsed Destiny Betrayed from the start to the ventriloquist’s scene; the volunteers came in during this. 

In the afternoon we continued with rehearsing Big Laboratory Bang, where we left off till the end. Brandon then said that Tom Grey (musician) will be coming in next week to go through a possible new song for Destiny Betrayed.

Next Brandon asked if we wanted to go through any of Destiny Betrayed scenes; several members said ‘yes’. Then a quick drinks break, after which we rehearsed some Destiny Betrayed scenes again, including the ‘March Along’ song and the final scene, to get them right. 

In conclusion I think today went well and was tiring. I hope the rest will think so too.

Andrew M.