We get ambitious with our singing

We get ambitious with our singing

Dear All 

here is my drama email for this week. As we did a load of items I may not included everything but will and try and mention most items. The visitor was Tom (musician), and everyone was there this week.    

We started by saying it was good to see Ems and Sue back after they had both been unwell recently, and also welcome Tom to help with songs from Destiny Betrayed later today.

Brandon then said that seeing Tom is here we will only be doing some scenes from Destiny Betrayed today – we all understood this.  I think we then rehearsed some of the scenes involving songs from the play, and some others. Then was lunch-time during which Brandon mentioned the last performance of the current tour of Big Laboratory Bang at the History or Heritage Centre in Woking. 

I am not in it, as Nick who I am understudy for, as professor Alan, can do this performance. I am needed to go as it is the last one of the current tour, so Brandon wants to tell everyone I have taken part in two productions of this at schools in Surrey. We are then having a meal at a nearby pub afterwards, to talk about how it went. 

I think we then rehearsed some of the scenes, not including the ventriloquist’s scene; I understood. Then was lunch-time, during which we talked about how I will get to the performance on Wednesday: Stephen and I will be collected by Sue, mum of Peter Higson (volunteer). Brandon said I will have a free ticket to watch this show; I was pleased with this.

In the afternoon we rehearsed the song Back to You with Tom who taught us: we had to sing some parts in a high voice and others in a normal voice, swapping in between which was quite hard to do.

We finished off by watching a slide show film of Big Laboratory Bang schools tour, in which I was in two productions of.  

In conclusion I think today was both tiring but enjoyable and I hope the rest will agree.