More rehearsing…

More rehearsing…

Dear All 

Here is my review of this week’s drama. We did a lot so I may not mention everything but will try and include most of what we did do. We had no visitors and those not there were Viv and Nick.    

We started with Brandon asking who had been to any theatre events recently. I mentioned Let It Be at Wimbledon Theatre at the weekend with people from Hemmet. I said we all loved it, and gave out the programmes for the others to look at.

Brandon and others then mentioned the last performance of the current tour of Big Laboratory Bang at the History Centre in Woking last week. Soufyan said he enjoyed it as did the rest of audience and cast members.  

Zena mentioned the programme she is in, called Employ Me, starts this week – in which The Freewheelers feature in an episode – we do not know the date yet. 

Brandon then talked about PIAW or Play In A Week audition day, on this Friday, March 18th, at The Grange Centre, Bookham and checked who was going to this. No-one from Hemmet is going to the audition but Cambridge Road people are – but more of us from both places are attending the actual week itself in July at The Nomad Theatre. I will be on a cruise with my mum on the audition day to Antwerp and Amsterdam in Holland and Hamburg  in Germany (I can attend the week itself). The title of the play is Strictly Shakespeare; it sounds really good.

Then we rehearsed some scenes from Destiny Betrayed, including the ventriloquist’s and additional scenes; then was lunch. 

In the afternoon, more rehearsing of Destiny Betrayed scenes; we had to do the ventriloquist’s and additional scenes again as they were not that good the first time – we did not mind. We were then told of two dates of the tour of this play: one in June at Eastbourne College, and the other at a Theatre in Guildford on October 8th, with other dates to be confirmed.

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest think so too.  

Andy M.