Dear All 

Here is  this week’s drama email after the Easter break. Hope you like it!  We had no visitors and those not there were Rachel, Ems, Jamie and Viv. 

We started with Brandon telling us the playwright (with the surname McCabe) is coming next week to help with Destiny Betrayed; so we will have to have a run through of the play later today.

We then all talked about events we are doing or will be doing soon: Nick was in a production of the play Animal Farm near where he lives – he played a lawyer and enjoyed it.

Zena said the episode of Employable Me is on television soon – it does feature the Freewheelers as part of her  episode. Richard watched a Rolling Stones Tribute Band near his home in Sussex and liked it. I think we then rehearsed Destiny Betrayed from the beginning to the end, followed by lunch time. 

In the afternoon I went to a back room to go through the Ventriloquist’s scene, as we did not do it that well the first time. Sue who took us for this said we did quite well, as we both did it without script. We then split up – some did a dance project in the main room with help from Andrea and Peter. The rest of us were in another room writing our own scripts – mine was about a family who went to the zoo; others did different stories. We finished off with some of us telling everyone else.  

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree. 

Andy M