Dear All 

Here is this week’s drama blog. The visitors were Franklin McCabe (a playwright) and Tom Grey (musician); both came to help with Destiny Betrayed. The only one not there was Anthony O’Sullivan. 

I think we started with Brandon saying that seeing Franklin and Tom are here we will have a run through of Destiny Betrayed today. He then told us about the performance of this play at Eastbourne College on June 4th. Next was rehearsal of Destiny Betrayed, from the start to the end. Then we talked about how we thought it went: Franklin said he enjoyed it. We said it went quite well but needed to be worked on. Next was lunch. 

In the afternoon we practiced entrances and exits for Destiny Betrayed, as we will have to come on from different places than we do at the Bridge Youth Club in Leatherhead where we rehearse.

Next we listened to a recording of a new song for the play (done whilst I was on my cruise) – I liked it, as did the others.

Finally Brandon asked if we could come in both the Bank Holidays on May 2nd and 30th. He said the first one he does not need everyone, but the  second he does as it is the last week before the performance at Eastbourne College. We all understood this. 

In conclusion I think today went well; I hope the rest will think so too.

Andy M.