Dear All 

Here this what we did in this week’s drama. We had no visitors and the only one not there was Ashley.  

We started in the morning with rehearsing the closing scene and song from Destiny Betrayed. Then we rehearsed Destiny Betrayed from the start to the ventriloquist’s scene. Brandon said Stephen and I needed more practice; we told him we will try and do so during the week. Then was lunch. 

In the afternoon we split up: some were in the main room with a lady to rehearse the dance project to be performed later in the year; the rest were with Brandon writing our scripts. Mine is on a family trip to the zoo where everything goes wrong – others were love stories and adventure stories, plus more. We then read them out to the rest of the group. Brandon said they may be performed later in the year at the Bridge Youth Club. Finally we watched the dance group perform – we all liked it.  

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will think so too.

Andy M.