Dear All 

Here is this week’s drama entry.  Hope you all like it? I will send a performance special email sometime next week? 

This week we had no visitors and those not there were Pip and Ems. We started in the morning with Zena saying over the weekend there was The Grange Got Talent, in which Luke Tye took part – they said it was great fun. Also Mathew James went to Brandon’s son Sebastian’s school in Brighton to talk about disability and do a demonstration about Boccia; a sport of people with disabilities based on Crown Green Bowling. Some of The Freewheelers did a Destiny Betrayed workshop last week in Eastbourne, ready for performances of the play this week. Everyone who took part said it went well.  

We then started the session with rehearsing Destiny Betrayed from the beginning to the end followed by lunch time.  

In the afternoon we rehearsed various scenes from Destiny Betrayed several times to get them right. Brandon then said he will see us all this Thursday and Friday, June 2nd and 3rd, in Eastbourne.  

In conclusion I think today’s session went well and I hope the rest will agree?    

My next drama emails should be next week: one on the performance of Destiny Betrayed in Eastbourne and the other on the normal Monday session. Hope you like both of them!

By Andy M.