Dear All

Here’s a review of day 1 of Destiny Betrayed in Eastbourne. 

First of all we arrived at the venue at Eastbourne College and got into our microphones. Then we rehearsed up to the Ventriloquist’s scene. Next we had a drinks break. Afterwards we continued rehearsing to the end and then got out of our microphones. 


Day 2 of Destiny Betrayed in Eastbourne. 

We started in the morning by getting into our microphones and costumes. We then had a full rehearsal of Destiny Betrayed from start to finish. Then we had lunch.

In the afternoon, we had another rehearsal of some scenes. 

In the evening we performed the play all the way through. Lots of relatives and friends of the cast came to watch – including my mother – they all liked it, as did the cast.

We finished off with a Q and A (Question and Answer session) with some cast members.  

By Andy M.