Dear All  

Here is my usual Monday drama email. Hope you like it? 

We had no visitors and those not there were Chris Crane, Ems and Dan. 

We started with Brandon telling us we all did well performing Destiny Betrayed in Eastbourne last Friday (with rehearsals on Thursday). We all said we enjoyed it despite problems with the venue, props and costumes.

We also watched a film of the next venue, Crawley, in September where we may do a matinee and evening performances.

Then Brandon asked who are performing at the DAiSY Festival on Thursday; several members said ‘yes’. I think it will be at Leatherhead Theatre.   Next was lunch. 

In the afternoon we watched the DAiSY Festival group rehearse their dance, CARNIVAL. All who watched it liked it. I think Brandon then reminded us of the performance of Destiny Betrayed at Crawley in September.     

In conclusion I think today went well; I hope the rest will agree.   

By Andy M.