Dear All 

Here is this week’s drama entry.  Hope you all like it? We had no visitors and those not there were Stephen and Chris Crane.  

We started in the morning with Brandon talking about the European Football Championships which started on Friday in Marseille, France. Sam K and I mentioned that we went to Hemmet staff member David Church’s house to watch the England V Russia game on a big screen. The final score was England 1; Russia 1.

Then Brandon asked how the DAiSY G Fest event went last Thursday in Guildford. Those who took part said that both Amandla! (Nelson Mandela story) and the dance called Carnival went well despite technical and other problems. They also said the other acts involved were quite good. 

I think we then rehearsed some scenes from Destiny Betrayed, followed by lunch time. During the break we helped with costumes from Destiny Betrayed in Eastbourne last week. 

In the afternoon we rehearsed Destiny Betrayed again from the beginning to part way through, ready for performance at Horsham, Sussex in September. Finally Brandon said there were some raffle tickets from Cobham Village Hall for Freewheeler members to buy if the wished?  Several members said ‘yes’.  

In conclusion I think today’s session went really well and I hope the rest will agree!  

Andy M.