Dear All 

Here is the drama email for this week.  Hope you like it! We had no visitors and those not there were Ems, Antony O’Sullivan, and Chris Crane. 

We started in the morning with a warm up with Andrea, then was drama games. Next was lunch time. 

In the afternoon Brandon started by talking about the meeting he had at Andrea’s house about the future of the Monday Group. He said on Mondays we may have visiting tutors to teach us things like vocal coaching, and some from the Royal Shakespeare Company, plus others (as well as the usual sessions). We may also meet on other days and weekends.

Later on we talked about advertising The Freewheelers, and how to do so? Perhaps local festivals, films at local cinemas and even appearing on The One Show on BBC1. Richard said his father thought we were really professional when performing Destiny Betrayed in Eastbourne.

Brandon also asked who was voting in the EU Referendum vote on Thursday – several members said ‘yes’. We finished off with rehearsing some of the scenes from Destiny Betrayed.    

In conclusion I think it went really well today and I hope the rest will think so too.

By Andy M.