Dear All 

Here is this week’s drama blog. Hope you like it! We had no visitors and the only one not there was Jamie. 

We started in the morning with Brandon telling us all that we will be doing drama reviews of everyone today, to be taken by volunteer Jenny, Susan, Andrea and himself – they will be based on a shape of a wheel. 

Whilst they are being done Peter (volunteer) will work with the rest of us on drama games. I was with Jenny for this. I enjoyed the drama games as they were great fun and enjoyable to play. I think we then had lunch.

In the afternoon we started by talking about how we thought the morning went. We said it went well. Next with Andrea and Brandon we talked about making a book all about the drama games we have played during the years.

We then played some drama games including some of the ones we did with Peter in the morning, like Party Quirks. In this, Zena hosted a party and had to guess the unusual quirk given to each of the guests. Another game was Word Association: in that you had to say a word associated with the person before you. This was great fun, as was the rest of the day.  

In conclusion I think today went really well and I hope the rest will agree.  

Andy M.


Freewheelers Summer Showcase

Wed 6 July
Cobam  ACS International School. 
Portsmouth Road. 
KT11  1BL

Starts at 7.30pm  Ticket include buffet from 6.45 and Interval pudding this is a Bar Available 

For Tickets visit or Phone Kay Vere on 01737.555.462

Adults  £15 
Concessions £7.50. 
Carers Come Free.