Dear All

Here is the usual drama entry for this week.   Hope you like it?

In drama this week the only visitor was Ashley (local professional actor).  He came to fill in for Dan for Destiny Betrayed in Guildford later this year.  Those not there were Nick and Ashley (a different one to our visitor).

We rehearsed scenes  that will involve Ashley playing Dan’s part in the play. First was just after the scene with Sam as Madame ZaZa. Then was March Along; next the scene called Cold and Wet; and then the Memories song scene; and just before lunch was the final scene with the song Back to You at the end.

Then was lunch. We did the scenes several times for the benefit of Ashley.

In the afternoon we rehearsed the same scenes as we did in the morning so Ashley could get them right.  The only new scene was one with the Dear Johnny song; Brandon sang the song instead of Luke Tye (as he was at a funeral along with Nick).  I read Nick’s part as a Sergeant.

In  conclusion I think today went well and I hope the others will think so too.

Andy M