Dear All

Here is my review of the Freewheelers Showcase Special at Cobham International  School, Surrey.

First was Torch by the Thursday dance group.  Then was a film called Together Always Together about Sam Keelan and Sonas Musana, by the Tuesday media group. Then were four pieces by the Thursday dance group called Breathe, Champion, Slow Motion and Splash.

Next was a sketch called Sharpsville by the Tuesday media group. Then was an extract from a play by the senior youth group, called Wrong Alice.

Next was a film by the Tuesday media group called Do Not Resuscitate, and next was the music group (various members), then was the interval.

My mum had to leave, as she was hosting the Road Party on Saturday.  In the second half we started with  the Tuesday dance group performing a dance called Carnival; then Tuesday’s junior theatre group showed a film called  One In A Million.

Next there was a dance  by Richard Watson and David  Rufhead  called Talk; then a film by the Tuesday media group called Running for Glory.

Next the music group sang again, and then the finale by all the dancers.

I think this was a very entertaining evening, and I hope everyone else will agree.

by Andy M.