Dear All

Here is this week’s drama  email.  Hope you all like it!

The only visitor was a lady from Waitrose.  Those not there were  Terri, Ems and Nick.

We started with Brandon telling us all  that Caroline Fielding from Waitrose will be coming later today to give The Freewheelers a cheque, to help with Destiny  Betrayed.  We then talked about how we thought last week’s Freewheelers Showcase in Cobham went. We thought it went well.

Later on we read through feedback forms from audience members.  More to follow. We then mentioned other Freewheeler events, including  an event in Hersham last Thursday, and another (I am not sure where) over the weekend.  Also Play in A Week at The Nomad  Theatre, East Horsley on July 25-31.

We then rehearsed Destiny Betrayed from the scene with Zena as Sarah – Letter to George.

Next Caroline from Waitrose and her colleague (Lorna) gave The Freewheelers a cheque for £500.

We then continued rehearsing Destiny Betrayed from the Dear Johnny song scene to the end. Followed by lunch time.

In the afternoon we started with having to take some white sticky tape off the floor used in Destiny Betrayed.

We watched several films that were shown at the Cobham Showcase – one about a man being sawn in half (by the Cobham Media group) and another by the Youth Theatre group called One in a Million.

Finally we played a drama game called the Inter-Galactic Super Store.  In this one person was the shop owner, and everyone else were the customers. You  could buy anything at the store that you wanted.  This was great fun to play.

In conclusion I  think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.

Andy M.