Dear All

Here is my review of day 1 of PIAW, or Play In A Week, at the Nomad Theatre, East Horsley.  Hope you like it!

In the morning I arrived at The Nomad and said hello to  other  cast members, including Freewheelers Zena, Rachel Molde, Richard, Luke Tye and Luke H.,  Sam K,  Anna and Sonas, plus others and people from The Nomad, The Grange in Bookham and The Harbour  Day Centre, Farnham.

We then started the day with a talk from one of the Nomads on the theatre and the play called Strictly Shakespeare: a mixture of Strictly Come Dancing and  William Shakespeare, with characters from  both the programmes and people from the bard’s plays. Brandon then talked more about the play; I think we then had a warm up session. Next, we rehearsed the play from the beginning to page 9, then had a drinks break, after which we continued the play from where we left off to the finish.  Next was lunch time.

In the afternoon we watched a film which was done at the audition day at The Grange Centre, Bookham earlier in the summer.  This will be used in the play.  Then we split up: I was in a room with Brandon and we rehearsed one of the scenes from the play as the judges from Strictly Come Dancing; I am playing Bruno the Italian judge who always says outrageous things when  judging.  We finished off by getting together for a cool down.

In conclusion I  think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.




Here is my review of PIAW  Day 2 at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley.

In the morning we started off with Brandon telling us what we do today. Next was a warm up with everyone, we then split up – my group were in the back room with Brandon, doing the scenes with the Strictly Come Dancing presenters and judges. I am playing the Italian judge called  Bruno.

Then was a drinks break – afterwards we continued in our groups till lunch.

In the afternoon we again got into the groups, but this time my group were in one of the offices at The Nomad. We tried without the scripts – we did quite well. I forgot to say we had a cast photo after lunch.  We had a rehearsal of the play from the start to page 9 and we finished off with a cool  down.

More to follow tomorrow – day 3 (or they may all come in altogether)



Dear All

Here is my review of day 3 of PIAW  at The Nomad Theatre.

We started in morning with a Warm up session – I think we then rehearsed a new tune for Strictly  Shakespeare?  Then got into our groups; our group, the presenters and judges in the Strictly Come Dancing scenes, were in the bar.

Then was a drinks break after which more group work.  We then  had some lunch.

In the afternoon, we rehearsed a new scene from the play, then continued the group work but this time ours were outside.  I was taken out of the group to be filmed and interviewed by Sonas and Anthony O’Sullivan on what I thought of this year’s play – and all the other seventeen years I had been doing PIAW.  I am the only cast member who has done all of them so far.




Dear All

Here is my review of PIAW  day 4.

We started with a warm  up  including a vocal warm up with Jay.  We then rehearsed the final scene.  Next we got into our groups – then was lunch.

In the afternoon  we had rehearsal of Strictly Shakespeare to page 19.   We finished off with a cool down.




Dear All

Here is my review of day 5 of PIAW  at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley.

We started in the morning with a warm up.  Then we rehearsed the final scene, followed by a drinks break, after which we did the final scene again.

Next we had a run through of the whole of Strictly Shakespeare from the beginning to page 15.  Then we had  lunch.

In the afternoon we continued from where we left off, till the end.

By Andy M.