Play In a Week performance special blogs

Play In a Week performance special blogs

Here are my PIAW  Performance Special emails for the weekend.     We did not start till the afternoon on both days. 


We started with eating lunch,   then we rehearsed some scenes from  Strickly  Shakespeare.   Then was a drinks break.  Actually after lunch we got into our costumes.

In the evening  we ate supper and then performed  the play.  Among the audience was my mum and other relatives and friends.  I was shown in the film  about the week after the performance being interviewed and filmed by Anthony O Sullivan and Sonas, as I have take part in all 18  Plays In A Week so far.  I said I enjoyed them.    We then got back into our normal clothes and had a drink at the Nomad Bar after an enjoyable and tiring day.  


Today the performance was in the afternoon we started in the afternoon by having lunch.  Then we got into our costumes.    Next was the second  performance of  Strickly  Shakespeare.  In the audience today was Mark from Hemmet as well other relatives and friends of cast members.  Brandon mentioned myself as having taken part in all eighteen of this event so far.   We then got back into  our usual clothes and had some drinks in the bar. 

I really enjoyed the week and I hope the rest of the cast did too? 

Andy M.