Dear All

Here is this week’s drama email.  Hope you like it!

We had no visitors and those not there were Ems,  Nick and Ashley.

We started in the morning with Brandon talking about the performance of Destiny Betrayed in Horsham next Monday and Tuesday (September 19th and 20th). There will be performances in the afternoon and evenings – times will be sent to Hemmet nearer the time.

We then rehearsed the play from the beginning to the end; next was lunch. I forgot to say we started with getting into our costumes.

In the afternoon  we got back into our normal clothes.  We then had a talk on how we thought the rehearsal went and Brandon asked who  would like to be involved the Q and A (Question and Answer)  session at Horsham next week. Several members said ‘yes’, including myself.

We said what scenes we would  like to rehearse again: the Fight scene and final scene were mentioned. We then rehearsed them.  Finally Brandon said he looked forward to seeing us in Horsham next week.

In conclusion I  think today went well  and I hope the rest will think so too.

Andy M.