Dear All

Here is my normal drama email for this week.  Hope you like it? The only visitor was a drama volunteer called Ashley who came to fill in for Dan for the performance on Saturday. Those not there were Andrea, Ems and Dan.

We started with Brandon saying we will be rehearsing Destiny  Betrayed ready for the performances at The Ivy Theatre this  Saturday, October 8th, in the evening.

We then rehearsed the play from start to  finish followed by lunch time.  We did some scenes several times for the benefit of Ashley (drama student).

In the afternoon we rehearsed some of scenes from the play again for Ashley’s benefit.  We then got together to discuss what we might do after Destiny Betrayed has finished on November 9th at Leatherhead Theatre. Ideas included drama workshops with either tutors from within the group or from other organisations. We also discussed  a group trip to  see a show in London  or locally?

Brandon then said he was looking forward to seeing us at the performance on Saturday in Guildford; The Ivy Theatre for 10am. We will need to bring some lunch but we will have pizzas supplied  by The Freewheelers for supper. The performance is in the evening at 7.30pm.

Andy M.