Dear All

Here is my review of Destiny Betrayed at The Ivy Theatre, Guildford.

In the morning we got into our costumes and microphones,  then we had a talk on what we will do today.  Next, a microphone check.

In the afternoon we had lunch  and then a technical rehearsal of the play.

In the evening we had some pizzas (paid for by the Freewheelers) – then was the performance of Destiny Betrayed.  Amongst the audience was my mum and her friend Caroline(?) as well as other relatives and friends of the cast.

There was a Q & A (question and answer) session at  the end of play in which I and other cast members were involved.

We finished off by getting into our normal clothes, then back to Hemmet with David and his wife Christine.

I think the show went well and I hope the rest will agree.

Andy  M.