Dear All

Here is my latest news.  Hope you like it!

We had no visitors and those not there were Nick, Luke H and Dan.

We started with Brandon and others talking about  Saturday’s  performance of Destiny Betrayed at The Ivy Theatre, Guildford.

Richard thanked the cast and Zena all the people behind the scenes.  Then Jenny mentioned that we have been offered a Halloween Workshop on October 31st.  We then talked about the next and final performance of Destiny Betrayed at Leatherhead Theatre on November 9th.  I suggested having an end of tour celebration either at the theatre or a local restaurant, and also inviting all the volunteers who have helped us during the production of the play.  Both ideas were agreed upon.

We also suggested marching through Leatherhead on the day of the performance in  our costumes in the March Along military costumes.  Brandon then said he met a lady at Guildford who knew all about the murder scene from Destiny Betrayed.  Then we had lunch.

During the break everyone one sang me Happy Birthday, ready for Saturday when I am 50.

In the afternoon everyone again sang me Happy Birthday, this time in front of a green screen.  Finally we all watched the film Singing In The Rain; we could only watch some of it as we had to be collected to go back to our various homes – we enjoyed what we did watch.

In conclusion I think the day went well and I hope the rest will think so too!

Andy M.