Dear All

Here is my drama  entry for this week.  As we did a lot I may not mention everything but will try and include most items.

The only visitor was Alex (Andrea’s son).  Those not there were Nick,  Luke Tye and Dan.

We started in the morning with Brandon mentioning the performance  of a play called Haunted at the Nomad Theatre, East Horsley on Wednesday that some  members are taking part in, and asked who might like to go? Several members said ‘yes’ they would.

Mathew James then mentioned that his choir went to The Albert Hall last week, and he sang although he originally was put in the audience by mistake, and missed out on the group photo, and had to be superimposed into it (which he did not like). He also had other bad experiences – we said he should write a letter of complaint to  the Choir Master and The Albert Hall.

Also Mathew wrote a letter to Graham Norton, so he could mention the final performance of Destiny Betrayed at Leatherhead Theatre on November 9th, on his radio show sometime before the performance?  He read the letter out to us all and we all liked it.

I think Brandon then asked everyone who was there if they were coming to my 50th birthday function at the California Pub in Belmont on October 22nd. I had the family and other relatives’ party on Saturday at my mum’s home, and will write about it in a future email. Several  people said ‘yes’, some said ‘no’. We then watched the film that everyone else did for me last week, when they all sang me Happy Birthday, which I enjoyed.  We then had lunch.

In the afternoon we went into pairs and had to perform different sketches written on pieces of paper by Brandon. I was with Jamie and we were aliens on a spaceship.  We were exploring Mars.  Others did other sketches: a granny and child on a roller-coaster; children cheating in an exam; and two homeless people, plus others.

In conclusion I think today’s session went well and I hope the rest will agree!

Andy M.