Dear All

Here is this week’s drama email.  Hope you all like it!

We had no visitors and those not there were Andrea, Nick,  Jamie, Luke H, Dan and Anthony O’Sullivan.

We started the session with talking about my 50th Birthday Party function at The California Pub in Belmont, Surrey, last Saturday October 22nd. Several Freewheelers went and enjoyed it.

Then Brandon told us all we will be only rehearsing some scenes from Destiny Betrayed this week, as we are short on numbers. Then Brandon mentioned the performance of The Freewheelers’ play, Haunted, last week at The Nomad Theatre. He and others involved said it went well.

I think we then talked about the next performance of Destiny Betrayed at Leatherhead Theatre on November 9th and asked who would be available to do some publicity for this performance (the Saturday before it, November 5th). Several members said ‘yes’. Next, we rehearsed various scenes from Destiny Betrayed. Then we had lunch.

In the afternoon we split into pairs; I was with Soufyan, and we had to act out a proverb or saying. Ours was ‘All That Glisters Is Not Gold’, and I sold Soufyan a mouldy apple that I said tasted nice! Others did ‘Never Look a Gift Horse In the Mouth’;  ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’; and ‘Many Hands Make Light Work’ (plus others).

I think today’s session went well and I hope the rest will think so too.

Andy M.