Dear All

Here is my review of yesterday’s performance of Destiny Betrayed  at Leatherhead Theatre last night.

We arrived at the Theatre in the morning, then got into our microphones and then costumes. Then a talk by Brandon and others on what we will do today.  Next was a microphone check, then a technical rehearsal of some scenes from the play.  Followed by lunch time.

In the afternoon we had a dress rehearsal.  Brandon and Andrea  said we did quite well, and needed to do some scenes again. We did the final scene and one other (I cannot remember what it was).

In the evening we had some pizzas for supper (supplied and paid for by The Freewheelers); they were very tasty and delicious.  Next a relaxation session on stage for some members.

Then the performance of Destiny Betrayed. Afterwards we took off our microphones and costumes.

We then all went into the theatre bar and met audience members. I met various friends and relatives of my mother and I. She had arranged for them to come to the theatre by coach.  One lady paid for my drink and another (I think her name was Elizabeth) asked for my autograph on the programme – I obliged – she was pleased.  They all enjoyed the show as did other audience members and the cast.

Brandon gave us all pictures of us performing in the play with personal messages thanking us all for our hard work.

My mother gave us some food to take back to Hemmet; it was what she supplied for people who came to her house before getting on the coach to come to the theatre. We all liked the food.

In conclusion I think the whole day went well and think everyone else who took part will agree.  This is the last performance of the tour – I think most of us had mixed emotions?

Andy M.