Dear All

Here is the drama entry for this week. As we did a lot I may not mention all the items.

We had no  visitors and those not there were Ems and Chris Crane.

We started with Brandon and the others talking about last week’s performance of Destiny  Betrayed at Leatherhead Theatre on Wednesday November 9th.

Everyone involved said it went well and they enjoyed taking part.  Viv then said she felt emotional after the play, and said we have progressed since the first performance a couple of years ago.

We then talked about perhaps seeing a show in London like Peter Pan Goes Wrong, about an amateur drama company who try to put on a production of Peter Pan, and everything goes wrong.  This will be at a theatre in London – probably early next year?

We also talked about performing Destiny Betrayed around Britain and other countries around the world!  I think we then started watching the film of the performance of Destiny Betrayed last  Wednesday.  We saw it up to the cliff top scene, then we had lunch.

In the afternoon we continued to watch the Destiny Betrayed film to then end.  Then Brandon talked about what we will do from next week – there will be some workshops.  One on comedy taken by Katherine; another on music and dance with Andrea; and one more on script writing with Brandon and Peter.  Names we taken for these: myself and others chose the comedy one, others selected others.

We also talked about going to different locations for filming of various  Freewheelers’ sketches and scenes.

Viv asked us to ask other people to donate to The Freewheelers using the local Just Giving website, and gave us all the details.

After  watching the Destiny Betrayed film, Brandon read out reviews of the play sent to my mother by some of people she invited to see it. My mum sent them to Jenni Halton, but she could not come this week, so she sent them to Brandon to read out, which he did.

In conclusion I think today’s session went well, and I hope the rest will agree!

Andy M.