Dear All

Here is my drama entry for this week. We did a lot so I may not  mention everything. I will try and include most items.

The only visitor was Naomi who is member of The Nomads in East Horsley. She played Darsey Bussell in the PIAW (or Play In A Week) at The Nomad Theatre in the summer.  The only one not there was Ems.

We started with welcoming Naomi  to the group.  Then we talked about what we had done recently.

I mentioned things that Hemmet people went to recently: on Friday  Sam (client), Allison (carer) and I  went to watch the film A Street Cat Named Bob in Epsom.  On Saturday various people from Hemmet went to see the Christmas lights being turned on in Sutton, by the local Mayor, and we were entertained  by Wayne Woodward from Britain’s Got Talent.

Andrea saw the film Fantastic Beasts at her local cinema – she enjoyed it. Brandon, Mathew James and Soufyan went on Friday to watch the Brighton V Aston Villa football match at Brighton. Brandon supports Brighton, whilst  Mathew and Soufyan support Aston Villa.  The final score was 1:1, so no one was upset!

I think we then split up; one group did script writing with Brandon and Peter; another group did  music and dance with Andrea; and the last one (that I was in with Luke Tye, Dan, Stephen and Sue) was with Katherine – we did a comedy workshop.

We started with saying, ‘you’re wonderful!’ to each other.  Then we played a game where we had to give presents to each other, and then the person who gave the present said to the person they gave it to  why they gave it to them. This was great fun – followed by other drama games – then we had lunch.

In the afternoon more drama games. Then we said what we thought of the day and then what we might like to do in the future in the group.

In conclusion I think today went really well and I think the rest will think so too!

Andrew M.