Dear All

Here is this week’s drama entry.  As we did a lot I may not mention all the items.  The only visitor was Richard, who may be a new Freewheeler in the future; he had met some members before.  I think everyone was there this week.

We started with introducing ourselves to Richard.  Then we talked about events we have done recently. I mentioned the play Baddies, at The Unicorn Theatre in London that I saw with my mother on Sunday.

Mathew told us of a group called Apollo 5 who do A Capella singing; they may come to see and perform with The Freewheelers sometime next year.

Pip then said she wanted our money for The Freewheelers’ Christmas Party on December 18th (for fish or sausages and chips the cost is around £8 I think).

We then tried to play the song Silent Night on the chime bars.  Andrea took this session; we did quite well – there was also someone on the keyboard, and some singers.  Next was some lunch.

In the afternoon, we started off by having our pictures taken pretending to be mannequins in our different groups. One was script writing with Brandon and Peter; another was music and dance with Andrea; and the last one (that I did) was comedy with Katherine – in various rooms around The Bridge Youth Club.  After the mannequin poses we continued in our groups.

In the comedy one that I was in we started with some warm up  exercises, then some drama games which were great fun to play.  We then talked about our favourite comedians or comedy programmes, including Tim Vine, Lee Evans, The Two Ronnies,  Morecombe and Wise,  Miranda Hart,  Victoria Wood, Richard Stillgoe and Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Plus others.

We then talked about what we will do next week when Katherine is away, and on the final session on December 18th, including Christmas themed jokes, sketches and scenes –  on our own or with someone.  Stephen and I will do something.

We finished off with some more exercises and then met back together again. In conclusion I think today went well, and hope the rest will agree.

By Andy M.