Dear All

Here is this week’s drama entry.  Hope you like it! We had no visitors and those not there were Sam and Ems.

We started with Pip reminding us that next Monday is the last session before the Christmas break, so we need to bring in £8 if we want to buy some fish or sausages and chips.

Then Terri said she went to the Houses of Parliament last week with an organisation called UNUM, and invited someone to visit The Freewheelers in the future.

Next we played some chime bars to the tune of Silent Night.  There were also people playing bells on the keyboard and singing – it all  went well.  Then we split into our groups: one script writing in the main room with Brandon and Peter; another music and dance in the middle room with Andrea; and the final one was the comedy workshop in the back room with Susan (Katherine was away this week).  I was in this one.  We started with saying, ‘You’re amazing,’ to each other – then were some drama games till lunch.

In the afternoon, more drama games, as we will be performing some of them to the rest of the group next Monday, December 12th, during the session. Susan said not to worry about this.

Andrew Marber