Dear All

Here is my drama email for January 9th 2017. As we did a lot I may not mention everything but will try and mention most of what we did do. We had no visitors and those not there was Richard.

We started with Brandon saying we will be busy this year with different productions and other items. Then Terri told us about a wide mouthed frog! It was very funny indeed.

I then told everyone about the two shows I saw over the holidays: Cinderella at the London Palladium, and Wind In The Willows at The Rose Theatre, Kingston. I said my mother and I enjoyed both of them and brought in the programmes for them.

Then Jenni told us of various items we will be doing this year, including a trip to The Trestle Theatre in Tunbridge Wells, on Monday January 30th; we will have to arrive at The Bridge Youth Club for around 9.30am if we want to go. Those who don’t will have a normal drama session at The Bridge on that day. Jenni then took names for this, including myself and others.

Then on Tuesday February 7th there is a trip in the evening to see the play, Meet Fred, in Guildford in the evening. Peter Higson is organising this event – I again chose to go to it, as did others. Peter said he will ask for money nearer the time.

We will also have a visit from Apollo Five (a singing group) I am not sure when they will be coming. Jenni then said we will not be doing big productions with all of The Freewheelers in the future, for various reasons, like accessibility to venues, cost and other items. We all understood this.

I think Brandon said that himself and Andrea will be having a meeting in the afternoon, so the rest of us will watch the BBC showing of Peter Pan Goes Wrong, shown over the holiday, then we had lunch.

In the afternoon we all watched Peter Pan Goes Wrong in the purple (or back) room. We only watched half of it as we did not have time to see the rest. We then said what we thought of it – some liked it, some did not.

We also said, ‘what makes a good farce?’ Suggestions included timing and not laughing at the funny lines, plus others. We may go and watch one in the future, like Run For Your Wife, by Ray Coney.

Next we went into the main room to do some improvisation and drama games with Catherine. This was great fun and everyone liked it.

We were then reminded of the visit to The Trestle Theatre in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on January 30th. We will need to be at The Bridge Youth Club for between 9-9.30am.  We will then travel in various coaches and cars to The Trestle. Others who do not go will have a normal drama session at The Bridge. We should be back at The Bridge between 5-5.30pm. I am sure this will be an enjoyable event to go to.

In conclusion I think today’s session went well and I hope the rest will agree.

Andy M.