Dear All  


Here is this week’s drama email. We did a lot, so I may not mention everything. The only visitor was Poppy (a possible new Freewheeler) and those not there were Sam K and Viv.  


We started with Brandon telling us all that Peter (volunteer) will be taking this group this week, as Andrea and himself will be having a meeting on the future of the Monday group. He said that some of us may be taken out of the session to be talked to by Andrea and himself about what we would liked to do on Mondays. 


Then we talked about events we have been to, or are going to. They included my mum and me watching Peter Pan at the National Theatre in London on Saturday, and Dick Whittington at The New Wimbledon Theatre on Sunday (that the Cambridge Road people – including Anna V – went to). Anna brought in the program for this, and I did so for Peter Pan. People looked at them during the day and at lunch.


Other events people have been to included Richard seeing a Fifties-themed show in Horsham, Sussex, which he said he liked. I liked the show that I went to. Anna said some of the children in front of her at the Wimbledon pantomime were too noisy; apart from that, she enjoyed it!


Some of The Freewheelers went to watch former Freewheeler, Jane, in a show with lots of different characters from fairy tales. They thought it was very good – in was somewhere in Surrey.


Brandon said he watched the film La La Land recently, about the old film Singing In The Rain, and one of its stars, Gene Kelly. He said it was really interesting and enjoyable. 


Pip then talked about a Freewheeler event on March 4th about Casanova, and asked if we knew who he was. Some people said he was a man who liked lots of ladies. The event is not for members, but for local people who don’t know who we are – we may got to future events? 


Next, we looked at some of script writing group’s plays; I was in Peter’s (volunteer) group, and we looked at the play by Richard Watson, about a man called Handy who has a girlfriend called Sam. Handy is a handyman who is fired from his job of fixing Sam’s door, as he does not have all the tools to do the job. So he goes to the local pub where his friends console him by getting him drunk, and then he forgets his date with Sam. We read through all the play, then was lunch. During the break we sang Luke H Happy Birthday


In the afternoon, we got back into our script writing groups. In my group with Peter rehearsing the script by Richard, we did the pub scene. We finished off by getting together to watch each others’ scripts. They were all good.  


I think today went well and I think the rest will think so too!

Andy M