Dear All

Here is this week’s drama email. As we did a lot this week, I may not mention everything. I will try and include most of what we did do.

The only visitor was David Austin (Marketing person). Those not there were Pip, Rachel and Luke Tye.

We started with Jenni telling us that David Austin will be coming soon to talk about marketing. We then started to look at the new Freewheelers website. During this, David Austin arrived; he talked about marketing The Freewheelers, and doing profiles of each of the members and forthcoming shows, as well as individual and group blogs. My weekly blog was mentioned, which I was pleased about. We also watched two films by different groups and what they do.

Jenni then told us about some people from the drama association, LAMDA, who may come to Freewheelers to take some workshops on different subjects – like promoting shows, improvisation and others; and asked which one (if any) we would like to go to. I said improvisation and others, then was a warm up session, then we had lunch.

In the afternoon, we split into our script writing groups. I was in Richard Bridger (and Naomi’s) group and his play was a true story about being thrown out of his local cinema, as other people complained that the machine he uses to help him breathe was too loud. Richard’s character was called Stephen; I played his carer, Adam.

I then had a meeting with Brandon on what I have done, and would like to do in the Freewheelers in the future.  I mentioned perhaps us all performing at a London Theatre, and going to some funny shows like comedy about a bank robbery, and a Ray Cooney farce, or both, and then writing a Freewheelers version of them!

We then got back together to talk about what we might like to do in the Monday group in the future. Ideas included performing in London, and filming Steep Rain in Dover.

I asked about details of some Freewheeler trips coming up; the first being an outing to The Trestle Theatre Company on next Monday, January 30th – this is in St Albans.  This is during the day; we need to be at The Bridge Youth Club for 9.30am for this (I do not know when we will be back) and then on the Tuesday 7th February, an outing to see a play called Meet Fred at a theatre in Surrey – I do not know which one yet. I was told final details for both of these will be sent to us by email sometime soon by Jenni.

In conclusion, I think today’s session went well and I hope the rest will agree!

Andy M