Dear All  

Here is my drama email – Trestle Theatre Special. 

We started at The Bridge Youth Club, Leatherhead, in the morning. Later, I, and some of the group, went to the Trestle Theatre in St Albans, in various vehicles. I went in Pip’s car with Luke H. Sam and Sonas went in an adapted vehicle; Brandon drove them – other members met us there.  

We started in the morning with arriving at the theatre. We then had a tour with a lady called Jenny, then a quick warm-up session with her, after which we continued with the tour, including seeing how they make their masks, which we all found interesting. Next we asked questions and found out it had been on its current site for about fifteen years, and their patrons include ventriloquist Nina Conti and actor Jim Broadbent. Then was lunch at the Theatre Cafe.  

In the afternoon we had a Mask Workshop, in which we pretended to be different characters, including someone who was helpful, friendly, angry, sad, and others. Then we used masks in pairs to say how went felt when we first joined The Freewheelers, how we feel now, and how we hope to feel in three years’ time. We chose the mask with the facial expression we felt best went with each time period. I was with Ashley L for this.

We finished off by saying how we felt the day went, and thanking Jenny and The Trestle Theatre for having us. She said their next production was a version of Jekyll and Hyde. She would send further details to the Freewheelers if anyone was interested.      

We then drove back to The Bridge Youth Club; I went with Terri and Luke H, in a taxi paid for by the Freewheelers.  

I think it went really well today and hope those who went will think so too!  

By Andy M