Dear all

Here is this week’s drama entry; hope you all enjoy it!  

In drama this week we had no visitors and everyone was there. We started with Brandon phoning Peter H at his home, as he is unwell. It was to check details for the trip to see the play, Meet Fred, on Tuesday at a Theatre in Guildford. He let us all know the details, and also that next Monday a man called George is coming to take pictures of some of the group.

We then watched a film on last week’s trip to The Trestle Theatre in St Albans by some of the group. Brandon explained what was going on in the film.

Next, we heard what the rest of group who stayed at The Bridge did. They played drama games, they then showed them to us – they were really funny and entertaining!

Then we split up into our script writing and other groups. I was in Richard B’s group, about when he went to his local cinema with his carer and was asked to leave as some of the other people there complained about the machine he uses to help him breathe. I played his carer called Adam. Finally Brandon reminded us who were going on tomorrow’s trip to see the Meet Fred play in Guildford. 

In conclusion, I think today’s session went well and I hope the rest will agree. 

By Andrew M.