Dear All
Here is my drama Meet Fred special. Hope you all enjoy it!
In the afternoon I was driven to The Bridge Youth Club, Leatherhead, by Hemmet staff member, Sam. He then drove Peter from Cambridge Road and Mark from Hemmet back to their houses. I stayed at The Bridge with Anna and Sonas from Cambridge Road, and Sam from Hemmet, plus other Freewheelers.
In the evening we drove to Guildford. I was in Susan’s (volunteer) car, along with Sonas, Anna, and the other Freewheelers went in a variety of vehicles.
First, to a pub for supper; I had bacon burger – I drank apple and mango J2O and still mineral water. Later on we walked to the Theatre nearby to watch the play, Meet Fred.
It was about a puppet called Fred who is in danger of losing his PLL (Puppetry Living Allowance!), and what he does about it. He gets a  human girlfriend and a job as a children’s entertainer, both of which  fail – so he decides to kill himself, which also goes wrong.
All works out in the end. It was very funny and entertaining indeed, and was performed by a company from Wales called Hijinx. We told them we all loved the play.
Afterwards we had drinks in the Foyer Bar and then went back to Hemmet House and Cambridge Road with a friendly and helpful taxi driver called Mark.
In conclusion I think this was a really good evening and I hope the rest will agree!
Andy M.