Dear All

Here is this week’s drama email.  Hope you all like it!

In drama this week, we had no visitors and those not there were Brandon (he was unwell), Pip, Jenni, Andrea, Ems, Soufyan and Luke H.

We started with Susan saying she will be taking this week’s session as Brandon was ill. Then Susan and others talked about last week’s visit to see the  play, Meet Fred, in Guildford. Those who went said they enjoyed it, and explained the story to those who did not go. We said it was about a puppet called Fred who was in danger of losing his PLA (Puppetry Living Allowance). So he tries out as a children’s entertainer, but it goes wrong. He also has a human girlfriend, but that also goes wrong. So he decides to commit suicide from a high building, and that does not work. In the end this is a happy ending. Those who went said it was very good.

Next, Dan said he also saw a puppet show in London – I cannot remember the name, but it had scenes in the jungle and Iran in it. He said he enjoyed it.

Then Chris C said he went to the cinema last week – I forgot what he saw.  Sam and I then said we saw La La Land and thought it was quite good, and would like to see the film Sing in the future.

Peter, who was better after being unwell last week, said that George, who was due to come today to take photos of some of the group, could not do so as his car had broken down. George may come next week or sometime soon.  Next, we split up and did sketches based on different songs. I was with a volunteer called Naomi and we did a our sketch based on a song by Clive Dunn called Grandad. I was the grandad, and Naomi was the teenage granddaughter who is left with grandad whilst her mum goes to a party. The daughter at first does not want to stay with grandad as he always tells the same stories over and over again. But in the end she likes his story, when he mentions he was captured by the Germans and tries to escape, but gets shot and goes to the hospital where he meets his future wife, Betty. She passes away, which makes him sad, but then he hears about the granddaughter (who is with him now) being born, called Lucy, who he calls Linda due to his memory loss.

Then was lunch, during which we sang Stephen Happy Birthday, which he liked.

In the afternoon we played drama games organised by Peter (volunteer); they were enjoyable and fun.

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will think so too!

Andy M