Meet Fred Special!

Meet Fred Special!

Dear All

Here is my drama Meet Fred special blog for this week – hope you all like it!

In drama this week the visitors were Julie and Mark from The Blind Spirit and Hijinx Theatre Company, who came to take a workshop. They’re from the Meet Fred play that some of us saw two weeks ago. Those not there were Ems, Richard, Anthony O and Andrea.

We started with a warm up session taken by Julie and Mark. Mark then said how he thought it went.  Next, we split up into groups of three and used some objects to make a scene. I was with Jamie and Ashley, and our objects were: a toilet roll, a fork, and one other (I cannot remember it at the moment). Then we had lunch. During the break, Viv said we have been given some money for the group, by some people called Saiko and David. We all signed a Freewheelers thank you card.

In the afternoon we had a Meet Fred workshop, using some puppets from the show we saw two weeks ago (again in the same groups we were in before lunch).

Lastly Mark told us about three rules of puppetry: focus, fixed point, and breath.

Finally I think today’s session went well and I hope the rest will agree.

Andy M