Drama games or script writing?

Drama games or script writing?

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama blog. We did quite a lot, so I may not mention everything, but will try and include most items. The only visitor was Ian (a possible new volunteer), and the only one not there was Nick.

In the morning we started with Peter (volunteer) saying he will take today’s session, as both Brandon and Andrea are at Nescot College this morning, investigating working with their students in the future – on a show, or them coming to Freewheelers as volunteers, or even both.

Then Peter asked us all what we thought of last week’s visit by the people from the Meet Fred show that we saw two weeks ago.  We did this as a group – Peter also welcomed Ian. Next, Peter said that next week we will have a workshop with some people from Access All Areas, and asked for experiences from our lives – positive or negative – to do with drama. He said they will ask us for them either during the session today, or we can email him, or tell him them next week.

Next, a warm up session. Then we split up into either drama games or script writing groups – I was with Richard B’s script writing group. His script was a true story, about when he went to his local cinema with his carer Adam, and was thrown out because some people watching the film said the machine that he uses to help him breathe was too loud for them to watch the film. Richard’s character was named Stephen. He then complained to the local paper and national newspapers about what happened to him, so the cinema gave him a Gold Ticket to any film he wanted to see in the future, and the old manager was demoted to cleaner. We finished off by performing our script writing or drama games to each other.

I think today’s session went well and I hope the rest will think so too.

By Andrew Marber