Dear All

Here is my drama Access All Areas special. As we did quite a lot I may not mention everything but I will try and include most items.

In drama today the visitors were Richard and Kieron from Access All Areas and Ian (possible volunteer). I think everyone was there.

In the morning we started with Jenni introducing Richard and Kieron. They then talked about what we will be doing today. We then watched a film by Kieron, helped by Richard – I cannot remember the title at the moment. We then got into a circle to say how we felt about today, using a movement or action to do so.

Then we split into groups of three, four or five to do a movement where we all linked together using different body parts (given to us by Richard and Kieron). This was great fun to do. They then asked us to go to different emotions written on some pieces of paper when asked various questions. We went to some tables and had to write down our answers to statements like, ‘I have …’, ‘I want …’,  ‘I need …’, and ‘I cannot do without …’.

Answers included: friends; more money; to be more confident around people I don’t know; my family; plus others. Then was lunch break.

In the afternoon we continued the Access All Areas workshop, in groups of three. I was with Terri and Ems, and we made a story about Council  Officers making a list of items to cut or keep. Terri was the ‘token disabled person’, who was ignored.

We then wrote down some stories to make about our lives, based on what we did earlier in the day. We finished off by saying what we thought of the day, and thanking Richard and Kieron for coming.

They said that Kieron is having a one man show called Misfit Analysis at the Lyric, Hammersmith in London, next Friday, March 16th, based on his film we saw earlier. He wondered if any of us wanted to go – I think some said ‘yes’.

In conclusion, I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.