We have a new logo!

We have a new logo!

In drama today the only visitor was Franklin M (playwright) and I think everyone was there?

We started with Brandon welcoming Franklin and saying he will be taking a playwriting workshop later on.  Then Brandon said Freewheelers now has a new logo! Designed by our new Marketing Manager, it is to be launched tomorrow – we had a sneak preview. It is a wheel with the spokes being different colours; we all liked it.

We then started the playwriting workshop with Franklin. We started together then got into groups of seven, and wrote stories on topics. Our group chose problems with wheelchair users using the trains and underground, and having to book ages in advance, and still not having wheelchair accessible ramps, and other problems.

We also wrote down and told famous stories for children, with a beginning, middle and end. We then told them to each other. Some of the other groups selected Jack and the Beanstalk, and Cinderella.

I forgot to say that Soufyan and Mathew went to Salisbury last week and saw the show by Kieron and Richard, who came last week. The show was called Misfit Annalists by Access All Areas Theatre Group; they said they enjoyed it. Zena said she met Joanna Lumley last week, had her picture in her local newspaper with her. Then was drinks break.

In the afternoon more workshop work with Franklin. We continued our group’s stories, ours being wheelchair users’ problems with trains and underground. We then got back together and talked about stories having a beginning, middle and end; and also sentence structure, and writing plays to be performed at theatres.

Finally we said how we thought the day went, and asked Franklin to write a play for the whole group or individuals, or even both?

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will think so too.

by Andrew Marber