Dear all

Here is this week’s drama email; as we did a lot I may not mention everything – I will try and include most items we did.

We had no visitors as the LAMDA drama people, who were due to come today, are now not doing so until April 24th. Those not there were Rachel, Ems and Jamie.

We talked about last week’s visit by playwright Franklin McCabe. We said it went well, and he hoped he would come again in the future and help us write our own scripts, or send them to him to look over.

Mathew J then said he saw a exhibition by a disabled artist last week, and liked it, and Chris C went an art show by David Hockney and enjoyed it. Brandon then said he his going today to see a play by a disabled person – I think it’s People With Disabilities?  It is in Brighton and he wondered who was interested in coming with him – I think Richard W said yes.  I think we then started to read through a play by Freewheeler Jenny M, called The WhistleBlower, set in a care home where one of the residents dies under mysterious circumstances. Andrea interviewed some of the group who may take a drama course at NESCOT College in Ewell during the play. We read part way, then we had lunch.

In the afternoon we watched a film about people with learning disabilities, and said what we thought of it. It was a person with his fists clenched; we said this was a bit aggressive. Then we were told the person is the first person with a learning disability to become a boxer – we then thought, ‘good on him!’

Brandon showed some films on Meet Fred, Access All Areas; and Franklin McCabe’s workshops, and another film by Chris C as a trailer for Destiny Betrayed. Andrea interviewed some of us for the possible course at NESCOT College later on in the year – this will continue next week.

We finished continuing The WhistleBlower play until the finish; we then said what we thought of it. We said it was quite good, but needed some more work on the ending.

Peter H and Matthew J mentioned that next week’s workshop will be by A Cappella singing group, Apollo 5. Mathew knows some of their members, and it will be funded by Heathcote Health Group. We can ask them questions on their services if we wish to, but there is no obligation to do so.

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.

By Andrew M