Apollo 5 landed again at The Bridge!

Apollo 5 landed again at The Bridge!

Dear All

Here is this week’s drama blog. We did a lot, so I may not mention everything but will try and mention most items. I am away in Israel with my mum next week and then Freewheelers is taking a two week break for Easter, so I am not sure when my next drama blog will be.

In drama today the visitors were Claire Gregg and Alex from Apollo 5 Vocal Harmony Group, and another Clair and Gill from a Surrey Health Trust who did not come until the afternoon. I think everyone was there.

In the morning we started with Peter (volunteer) saying we will be meeting on Monday May 1st even though it is a Bank Holiday and wondered who will be coming on that date and to let him know either way as soon as they could.

We then started with a warm up with Claire from Apollo 5; later on Gregg and Alex took over. We had to sing or say our names which was fun. Later on we sang three different songs, including one called Run Mary Run. I cannot remember the other song titles at the moment. Then some more singing, I think we then had a drinks break.

During the break we sang Terri Happy Birthday using Brandon’s choral tape. Gregg said he likes to talk to and name his vegetables, and asked us to help him, which we did.

Then we talked about Nelson Mandela and the show some of the group did about him called Amandla! and we then wrote our own  song about Nelson Mandela, and another Nigerian song – I’ve forgotten the title – started by Clair, Gregg and Alex from Apollo 5.

We then said what we thought of the day; everyone liked it and we hoped to watch them perform. Mathew J said they are doing so in Guildford sometime – I don’t think he knew the date.  Then was lunch.

In the afternoon we had a second workshop with Gill and Clair from Surrey Health Trust. We first got together to talk about what they do, then split into groups of five. We discussed the Health Service: both good and bad.

We then got back together and Brandon said a lady is coming next week – Sarah, who used to be Freewheelers’ Lighting Manager. She now works for an agency employing disabled actors. I said I won’t be there, as I will be in Israel with my mum – he understood this.

We had a cool down session with Andrea at the end.

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will think so too.

Andy M