LAMDA workshop for Freewheelers

LAMDA workshop for Freewheelers

Dear All

Here is my drama email for this week. We did a lot, so I may not mention everything, but I will try and mention most items we did.

The only visitor was Nathan from LAMDA ( London Academy For Dramatic Art). Those not there were Stephen and Nick.

We started with Peter and Brandon saying there will be no session next week – May 1st – as there is not enough of us who wanted to go. I think Brandon then mentioned the next performance of Amandla! is at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford on June 22nd at 8pm.

Luke H got an award this week! Some members saw Meet Fred locally and liked it. Brandon is in a play in Brighton this week; the play is called New York City. There is also a meeting of Freewheelers volunteers in East Grinstead, Sussex this week.

I think we then started the LAMDA Workshop with Nathan. First of all we said our names; we then did so again but this time we had to say them with ‘describing’ words – with the same letter as our first names. Like Creative Chris; Active (or Acting) Andy; Musical Mathew; Amazing Anna and Smiling Sonas, plus others.

Then we started the warm up session. After that we had lunch.

In the afternoon we continued the warm up session, and then got together to talk about how we thought the session went and fill in a questionnaire.  Brandon then thanked Nathan for coming; he hoped we would come to LAMDA headquarters in London, or watch Nathan perform, or both!

In  conclusion I think today went well and I think the rest will think so too.

Andrew M