Stories, plays, workshops and monologues

Stories, plays, workshops and monologues

Dear All

Here is my drama blog. We did quite a lot so I may not mention everything. I will try and include most items.

We started in the morning with welcoming everyone back after the three week break. We also welcomed Stephen after the cruise with his family.

I think then Dan and other Freewheelers talked about an event they performed during the break, which was the PIAW (or Play In A Week) Audition Day at The Grange Centre, Bookham, last Friday. They said it went well.

The actual week is the week of Monday July 24th at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley.

I then showed off a picture of me, painted by Terri; everyone (including myself) liked it. Brandon said he is in The Brighton Drama Festival next week, in a play called New York Stories. Richard said he watched a show based on Romeo and Juliet in Crawley.

Next we watched a film all about the various workshops we have had recently. Then we read through a monologue by Jenny Musselle; then was lunch.

In the afternoon we were hoping to watch a film on all the Freewheelers sessions during the week, but could not do so due to  technical problems with the computer. So instead we read through Jenny’s monologue again; but this time we acted it out in groups of five. I was in the group taken by Brandon; the others were Soufyan, Richard B, Luke T and Dan.

We then watched the Freewheelers film, which worked this time.

In conclusion I  think today went well and I hope the rest will think so too.

Andy M